Some press for “In/Out”

"The album works well as a whole because it seamlessly flows around driving noise, psychedelic melodies and sweeping drone-scapes, never an easy task to combine… If this is figuring stuff out, I can't wait to hear what they come up with when it's all said and done. Highly recommended. " -Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys

"Essential psych-burner debut from the megabats crew. Hallucinatory sheets of shamanic drone wash over subliminal beats and howling synth-like waves of sound. If LSD is unavailable in your village, this will do the trick." -Sparkle Girl Kurt

Let’s face it. Megabats is on the best noise label in seattle. hands down. why? because debacle makes an effort of keeping all releases beautiful and well mastered and smelling of DIY-ness without getting adhesive stuck to your hands. and so we shouldn’t be surprised that sam and riley should make such a fun and listenable project, leading to easy smiles and feeling far out while eating candy. now that’s a treat." -Hollow Earth Radio

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