The Deathmedicine Band

San Francisco's The Death Medicine Band is poised to damage SF's Garage scene with its genre defying, high energy performances. Though only a three piece, the band manages to sound huge through the fact that each of The Death Medicine Band's members are accomplished multi-instrumentalists and songwriters. Live, the members switch about instruments on stage and their varied musical backgrounds and writing styles keep even the most fickle of attention spans attuned. The result is a marrying of DIY ethos, punk energy, psychedelic grooves, and combining influences as diverse as Rockabilly, African Blues, Stoner Metal, and Math Rock into one behemoth of a sound all while retaining a sort of playfulness, humor and openess  showing that the band's love for music as a whole makes for a much more enjoyable listening experience compared with the limited approach of most other bands. Autoentheogenic Cannibalism is the band's first full-length.

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