Roberto Clemente Rookie Card

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, Early 2012 is available digitally and on 2xCD-R through Ailanthus Recordings and My Idea of Fun, and in the near future 2xCassette through Sunup Recordings.

You can also be lead to the above page from My Idea of Fun #218 which you can find at:

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card is a blog that started in 2010, and to save you the time of reading the entire history of a blog, I'll tell you that the hope from the beginning was to develop friendships and relationships with like-minded artists that would lead to such ideas as this very compilation, as well as Ailanthus Recordings, which as an RCRC imprint, has released 15 CD-R's from artists that have not only seen frequent coverage on RCRC but also inspired genuine collaborative relationships, resulting once again in projects just like this compilation.

I'm proud and grateful of everyone's hard work that lead to the creation of this. The sound you'll hear is a direct representation of what RCRC is.

Download Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, Early 2012