Teen Radiation

While recording their debut album "Time Keeps Making Time Keeps Making", the guys of Dutch psychedelic band Teen Radiation went on a little surf trip. They left the villa in the south of France, where they were recording their hazed up jams, to drive to Portugal to hit the waves. Since the guys from Spread Motion were also there and brought their cam, an improvised video arose from the ashes. uuhh... waves. This is a deep water adventure if you have ever seen one, awesome underwater and above water footage of a couple of guys riding waves in the sunset and bringing the dense jam of the band, now renamed "Surfer's Paradise", to life in shiny technicolor.
As an added bonus, the guys of Teen Radiation decided to also start spreading a bonus disc, with another 50 minutes of Sun-Ra-meets-Les-Rallizes-Denudes-in-a-garage jams. The debut album "Time Keeps Making Time Keeps Making" is out now and only available through the nice people at Boomkat. The free bonus disc is available for download.

Download Free Bonus Disc