Daniel Bachman

New album from Daniel Bachman (previously known as Sacred Harp). Daniel often is hailed as the successor to the Jack Rose/John Fahey school of American guitar, but his new release falls outside of those simplified parameters. Improvised and recorded dirty into a boombox "Grey-Black-Green" has more to do with Loren Mazzacane Connors, Ben Chasny or even some of Bill Orcut's recent acoustic work. The titled is a reference to Robbie Basho's “Esoteric Doctrine Of Color & Mood” as Daniel puts it: "There’s a chart based on a circle of fifths where every key represents a color and a mood.  'Grey Black Green' is the most fucked up sounding one." Droning dark improvised American ragas by a very impressive young talent.

Downlaod Grey-Black-Green

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