Dementia And Hope Trails

A 2-part album of psychedelic ambience and deeply emotive soundscapes, all created with guitar and effects to the key of letting go, letting the universe work, falling in love, and paying attention to every piercing detail as one's internal chemistry collides with the cosmos. This album destroys Limerence, lights the way for genuine affection and illuminates it's depth. Reflective, meditative, reactionary, memorable, comfortable, cryptic. Not one key from a synthesizer has been struck. This is an abstract form of post-rock meets shoegaze guitar playing, rarely allowing the conventional sound of a guitar emerge. Slow, dense, shimmering drones and tastefully arpeggiated riffing that sparkles as well as haunts. Loosely improvised, extremely focused, always knowing where it's going, experiencing uncharted wonder along the way. For fans of Hammock, Stars Of The Lid, Appleseed Cast, This Will Destroy You, Sam Goldberg, Spermwhales, Quiet Light Water Gap...

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