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Our music varies from gamelan swampee creek sounds on acid to skitzed out nonsense on acid and meth. So it's great to listen to on cannabis. On this EP we use a record player, mpc1000, cooking screens, our voices and recorded straight to tape. It's an improv session we recorded yesterday.

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Mark says :

* Scheduled to come out on CD but never happened, gave away @90 cdrs
* Brooklyn
* 3 ppl usually
* Minidisc-->PC microedited basement rituals
* 1st 4 tracks recorded midseptember 2001
* Apocalyptic concept album -- Plot points mostly forgotten
* 1 bonus live track from later & 1 that was on a comp from earlier

Download The Way It's Going To Happen

Marc Broude

Marc Broude is an American composer and noise artist who started in the experimental noise band Panicsville in 2005. In 2006 he replaced Sven Garbarek as the bassist in the doom/stoner metal outfit Zog.

Marc has collaborated with a diverse array of other artists and groups including Cock E.S.P., Jean-Louis Costes, Hair Police, Kenji Siratori, Noisebitch, and Lasse Marhaug. In 2009 Marc founded the independent label No Zen Records.

Marc's style is eclectic using low frequency sound exploration, field recordings, water, voltage-controlled oscillators, vocal moaning, screaming and scordatura notation. His lyrics take on bizarro satire and emotional disturbance.

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Electric Wounds/1st Person Alive

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Idol Eyes

Andrew says :

I go by the name Idol Eyes and my album is called "Jiya Dhareka"
The album was first released on the website "Deep White Sound" and they had this to say about it: "Transmissions from the bastard canyon explored by Idol Eyes, mixing tape loops, cutups + aural collage, handdrums banjo and vocal distortion. Spasms of rural americana, temporal disturbances aplenty."

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Human Resources

Jeremy says :

Here's a recent tape I made. A-Side is live sampling of a cassette of Ragas I found on the street. The second half is improv with radio sample and casio.

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Jared says :

This album is heavily influenced by proto-punk and post-punk(but no so much punk itself). I guess the briefest description would be "experimental, DIY, rock/punk with lots of falsetto", or something more like "the shit scraped from the sides of my skull". Divided into the three parts, the first part is my initial discovery of this, lighter and more blatantly aware of my absurd and silly demeanor. Second part is much more lo-fi, recorded with a four-track tape recorder rather than digitally. The last part is back to digital, and much more "serious" sounding. These descriptions are pretty bad, sorry.

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Bruital Orgasme

Phil says :

I'm playing in the experimental duet Bruital Orgasme from Belgium...

We have a split tape with Torturing Nurse released on Young Girls Records, a pizza picture 12" LP on +Belligeranza (noise with ideas italain label), and a cd "le syndrome de l'amaranthe", released on 'le Magasin de Procelaine"...

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Henk says :
Here's an album I released in 2005 in Indonesia, there's some 21 rappers and musicians collaborating with me on this one and it's called 18 SLINGSHOT'S... Most of it is pretty experimental, some of the tracks were made for theater group Payung Hitam...

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