Hollo Call

The album was made by experimenting with signal processing and time stretching techniques using field and studio recorded material to create ambient, drone and noise influenced soundscapes.

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Come On, Ghost adds organic instruments to Schemawound's usual stew of off kilter electronics and dark textures.

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Cloakfern is a Michigan-based experimental musician and songwriter who weaves his guitar and vocal parts in and out of a colorfield of hypnotic electronic tone loops that constantly expand and contract.

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Alex Drosen

Collaging together material from several months of late night recording sessions on tape, Fences is full-on subconscious drool, a reflecting pool of Drosen's weird interior landscape.

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Rosalind Hall and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

On Embossed Tales Of Throats the duo continues to develop a strong improvised language that pushes and pulls at sound playing in and outside of each other, at the acoustic resonances of their instruments and bodies, at their shared performance histories and at creating electrified playing experiences. The duo also investigates the use of both tape and digital recording technologies and various microphones to create changing impressions of their sounds and inspiration for new gestures.

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John Collins McCormick

The first album from John Collins McCormick released under his own name, is a collection of his sound sculptures that he has created and performed between 2012 and 2014. It is a patient collection. Ten pieces, just over two hours of sound. It is released in conjunction with McCormick's M.F.A. Exhibition at Herron school of art and design.

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Eduardo Rosario

Created almost exclusively with hacked electronics and programming, the pieces were recorded and assembled using a hacked toy as the main sound source, pure data for digital sound processing and software for finishing touches. Improvisational processes, errors are always welcome.

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Jim Baker is an improviser who focuses on the keyboard arts – pianos, keyboards, synthesizers. Sarah Ritch is a composer and improviser who uses cello, electronics and guitar to explore her sound world.

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