Wreck And Reference

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Marta Sainz

Three pieces of free improvisation, recorded at home, in one take, in november of 2012 and january of 2013. She used her voice, objects, a ukelele, an analog synthesizer and various live effects to create this.

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Celestial Matter

Celestial Matter, the fragments of objects of any form that orbit, fly or remain still in the vast darkness of our universe, a wondrous thing when thought about, and even more amazing when you stare up at a night sky and see these objects in their luminosity. But have you heard celestial matter?
For new US netlabel Subterranean Tide’s first release this is what they have aimed and succeeded in capturing, that essence of turning one’s head to the sky and hearing the celestial bodies that flicker and shimmer as they pass one another. Presented as a compilation in reaction to a poem written by label runner Emily Loren Moss Ferrell, or the poem of the artists choosing, the constellation of ambient and experimental excursions take the listener on a journey outwards while remaining introspective.

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Dear world, welcome to another world. It’s just as strange and curious, stark and wild as the one we live in. An international split between Micromelancolié (Poland) and Wolf Fluorescence (US), the album brings together noise and silence. With samples of jangly outdoor items, unusual sounds, and reverberated conversations, the songs sound like a broken-circuited residence of a lonely folk musician.

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Duncan Pinhas

Slow melodic dreams, sometimes out of tune and sometimes creating it – this is the sound of Duncan Pinhas. It’s a landscape of synths, drones, and a few plucks on the guitar. Residing in Paris, Pinhas makes compositions that would fit perfectly with any moving pictures or audiovisual shows. Listening to his new album you will hear volumes that escalate and a buzz that reaches distortion.

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The album most closely resembles a film score, albeit an extremely dark one, and also includes my own interpretation of the Sun Ra track 'There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)' from the Lanquidity album.

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Daphine And Lyndsey

Daphine and Lyndsey Returns to KIKSGFR with a new 23 minute wall of ambience. Engulfing barrage of frequencies ride on a billow of clouds with pierced dis-chord. Additional 5 tracks of ultra minimalist analogue synthesizer work. Looping Hypnotic Sine Wave.
Recorded using vintage Roland 1970's synthesizer, fender amps and microphones, cassette tape masters, MXR 15 band analogue equalizer.

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Nicolás Chientaroli Trío

Viajeramente is the third album from the trio and the first on Pan Y Rosas. For this album the lineup features Chientaroli on piano, Carlos Alvarez on bass and Sebastián Groshaus on drums. The album contains a mix of compositions by Chientaroli, group improvisations and a cover of Dizzy Gillespie's Be-Bop.

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Dark ambient, drone and noise made with the audio programming language Supercollider.

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