Gamardah Fungus

Andrii says :
The third long-play by “Gamardah Fungus” (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) is named after a common funerary practice in Tibet, wherein a human corpse is cut in specific locations and placed on a mountaintop, exposing it to birds of prey. The government of China prohibited the practice (which it considered barbaric) in the 1960s but started to allow it again in the 1980s. This practice is considered to be not only honorable but also the only acceptable by many Tibetans.

This album takes its origins in the admiration that Gamardah Fungus musicians feel for Tibetan spirit and traditions. Main theme from "Celestial Funerals" was performed by their friend and colleague Tenzin Sambu.

Genre borders have expanded since the duo's previous work. Besides the ambient atmosphere, brown noise and keyboards this record features the sounds of meditative drums, movie samples and self-made instruments, including waterphone and kalimba. In general, all the five tracks on this album can be described as a mixture of funeral doom and dark ambient.

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Joakim says :
Urberget is back with a new album/cassette. Maybe you'll enjoy the gothic midsummerpop that Shakespeare always dreamt of.

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Jane Jane Pollock

The album is full of maniacal laughter, ghoulish tricks, garage haunts, sci fi textures, halloween nostalgia, Southern Lounge, and distraught children’s marching band pots and pans percussion. Hear Hums’ blog said of it, “delivered haunting yet upbeat compositions which I found to be characterized by a level of uniqueness that isn’t achieved by trying to completely denounce conventional structure, instead holding a relatable form that exists in it’s own world.

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Pan Stian

Meet The Ambient is a side project of Pan Stian. The album contains eight instrumental tracks between ambient and noise.
Pan Stian is Sebastian Pypłacz.

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Streets Of Rage

Harry says :
This is the 7 song EP that the full-band Streets of Rage has just put out on my freebie punk / noise / hardcore label Methodist Leisure Inc. A different kettle of fish from the old stuff, but still rad. Pure distilled energy.

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Joris J/Ratbag

As higher a society is developed as more often alienism is common. If the statement is true, everything asserted in it must be true. However, because the statement asserts that it is itself false, it must be false. So the hypothesis that it is true leads to the contradiction that it is false. Yet the sentence cannot be false for that hypothesis also leads to contradiction. If the statement is false, then what it says about itself is not true. Hence, it is true. Under either hypothesis, the statement is both true and false - burnout and boreout.

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Marc Broude

01. Psychological Warfare
02. God Smacker

01. Verrucose

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Dandelion Radio : Five Years

This album is a birthday gift for Dandelion Radio listeners. Dandelion Radio, the internet radio station inspired by John Peel, celebrates five years on the air in June, and 'Five Years' features a selection of the bands our DJs have particularly enjoyed during those years, and will remain available only until the end of July.

All artists have donated their tracks free of charge in the spirit of their release, and both Unwashed Territories and Dandelion Radio would love it it if you checked out their other releases.

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