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All good things must come to an end and this blog is no exception.I want to thank every single artist/band/label who gracefully shared their music on DCRYM and I hope this little exposure was a benefit to everyone involved, somehow.
Keep supporting music makers and buy their CDs/records/tapes/whatever.
Cheers !


Bursting forward, take in your surroundings - with its ancient patterns and motion-carrying spins of every possible shape and color. Experience knowledge through time.

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Strips of land with a tilted pitch of highland wonder. It took all our strength to travel the circle; a pit of sooty-stars left hanging in the darkness.

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Greg Manata

Limitless and endless space, I wait patiently at the stream. Equipped to move on to the next world gushing life from the source.

Stream Washing

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Nnord is an ambient/electro project with multiples influences, from Tangerine Dream to Sunn O))).

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This particular release and the project attempts to combine an art collage with a music 'soundscape' with the intention of inducing a meditative-state in the listener.
བདུད (Du) debut offering is out on tape limited to 50 copies. Available through Ajna Offensive (USA), GBS Records (Canada) and directly from the band. Contact virupimusic (at) gmail (dot) com for information/purchases.

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Cagey House

Cagey House has been releasing music since 2005. The tracks generally start as sets of doodles and noodles, and are later edited together into semi-coherent selections. Whenever possible, chance, accident, mistake, poor judgment, random acts, misguided notions, uninformed risk, and general ineptitude are incorporated into the compositional environment. Cagey House always aspires to the sublime, gladly accepts the humorous, and in the absence of either, tries to at least be noisy. Second Sight is a brief album made with samples both found and created. The sound is: you have thoughts. They wind down, up. Flight. Trill and tremble. Summertime yellows.

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Secret Moon

We do noisy, nocturnal, sci-fi tinged music with guitars, drones, beats and abrasive electronics. Recently we released an album called Rust City. It is themed around obsolescence.

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